Cascina Piola is a perfect example of the ‘short thread’: 80% of our seedlings are produced onsite (from self saved seed going back years), we cultivate, harvest, transform and sell our products directly onsite, in markets and fairs. In our work we try to give the best that nature has to offer: fruit and vegetables, harvested at the right point of maturity, are immediately bottled to maintain unaltered the tastes and flavours. They are preserved with 100% organic ingredients: Sauces (Pesto, Spicy Bruschetta, Peeled Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce with Capers and Olives), Vegetables in Oil (Aubergine, Capsicums, Sundried Tomatoes, Stuffed Chili Peppers) and traditional preserves (Piedmont Antipasto, Giardiniera).

Preserves made by Cascina Piola

We also prepare some jams ,one of which is the traditional Mostarda d’uva del Monferrato (a grape preserve which is great with cheeses), and other specialities including Melons and Lemons, Mostarda di Zucca (Pumpkin Preserve) and Cape Gooseberry Jam. For gifts, for example at Christmas, we make various sizes of baskets and gift packs. In our onsite store you will find all of these ‘goodies’ as well as a wide range of fair trade products (CTM). 


Raffaella in the lab


A nice tomato


Capriglio peppers



Cascina Piola