Our farm is located near Capriglio, a small town of the Monferrato area, half way between Asti and Torino. The rolling hillsides of Capriglio are very peaceful and full of woodlands. Our valleys are rich with natural springs and ancient trees. In recent years Capriglio has placed particular value on it’s natural characteristics: half of the council’s territory is categorised as parkland.  Our area is rich of springs and secular trees, ancient houses, public or private, are carefully restored. A recent and very important project is an agricultural one: collaborating with Slow Food to “save” the seeds of the Capriglio pepper. The pepper (capsicum) is well considered for its nourishing qualities, but of little interest to the ‘global’ market considering it’s small dimension: for this reason the pepper has almost disappeared. 



A summer in window


Cascina Piola





Cascina Piola